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Keansburg, NJ

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[Rave] All volunteers, FEMA, and JCP&L

I want to send some praise and thanks to all the volunteers in state and out of state who came together to help those of us in need down here at the bayside/ocean side towns.
JCP&L went through hell 24/7 to get things up and in order and taking public flac while doing so. The inpatient has no idea what they went through and complained it wasn't fast enough to flick a switch....as if a switch flick was all that was needed.
Most substations were under water, some towns have underground lines, and a lot of areas had downed trees affecting poles and substations. Let alone all the blown transformers. I forget which town, but, one decided to flick the switch and caused fires and blown transformers costing more time and money. I wish folks would inform themselves first before critizising the power companies.
Thank you to Alabama power who sent quite a bit of trucks and workers who helped 24/7 as well.
Fema for setting up a ground zero point of operations in the Holy Family school parking lot.
The national guard who kept order and also helped with diesel, water and food in Union Beach. They were on every corner in union beach before and after martial law was in affect due to looting.
All the rescue and fire personal for there 24/7 hard work and enforcing curfews. Also for allowing the citizens to protect there streets and property without arresting us for arming ourselves.
Last, all the volunteers who came together to cloth,feed,house the families who lost everything.
The local business' who donated food and cloths and there stores.
The business' who did not gouge, raise, or try and take advantage of the many in need.
There was as of last week over 245 lawsuits in motion towards hotels,motels,gas stations and tow companies who raised prices astronomically after the storm.
I will provide a list of gas stations who I beg those in my area to stop going to in the future due to there disregard for human suffering and raised gas prices by $2 a gallon the day after the storm and for that week until gas rationing became standard.

Thank you all, and god bless!!
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Warwick, NY

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Good post! They all worked hard and did their best. We personally thanked the crew that got our power back on on that Friday night! Was so glad to see them.

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New Jersey

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I saw power company trucks from Kentucky in my area.

Here's an article about Union Beach - »www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2012/1 ··· ion.html

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New Jersey
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Free admission this weekend at Wall Stadium for utility workers - »blog.nj.com/new_jersey_auto_raci ··· mis.html

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New Jersey
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Duke Energy thanks Sandy's victims for their patience and kindness