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Waterloo, IA
reply to jrodson69

Re: [Cable TV] 41 Days 'till Sinclair vs Mediacom Retrans Expire

said by jrodson69:

said by tsduke:

If you think using Obamacare is an excuse, lets meet back here in a year and see if you still think that. Obamacare forces companies to cover things that companies don't cover now. That's not free. If you have an income in which you pay taxes you might want to google healthcare reform taxes. This think will cost us more in premiums and taxes. He said it would be less than 1 trillion. It's not sitting at $2.7 trillion.

Wait until they find out they will have to declare the full value of any employer sponsored or provided health care coverage as income on their tax returns...and that government will have direct debit access to any checking or savings accounts in their name to debit any health care costs...

On the prosperity comment. Name me one action that Obama has promoted that supports prosperity and success. He's too focused on entitlement programs to do that.

Entitlements = Votes. It really is that simple.