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Colleyville, TX
reply to Wasted_Elmo

Re: Actiontec MI424WR FIOS N Router REV. I

said by Wasted_Elmo:

how did you get that

i was on the .22 but i too like a dumb ass i force upgraded lol thinking i was going to get the .36 but got let down to get the .20 being that its thanksgiving will my router update it self on its own? even tho i have the do not check for update option

I did almost the same thing, downloaded software directly from Actiontec and overwrote the firmware from Verizon. But, after a couple of days the router was back on the version it shipped with. My auto update option was not enabled.


Elmhurst, NY

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nice ok i understand now thank you very much for the info

cause i was looking into it as i type and notice i am still at .20
will wait on it for a few days check on it

but so far its been three days of having the fios service and its great super clear the tv omg i didnt know that the router provides internet to the set top boxes which is a wow for me i didnt know that..

only bad thing that i didnt like is that its wireless n router modem cause it only has 2.4Ghz which is no bueno i have a cisco EA4500 Wireless-N with simultaneous dual-band 2.4 + 5 GHz Works with all a/b/g/n devices
4 Gigabit 10/100/1000 ports to connect wired devices IPv6 Enabled
does 1080 hd stream and 3d as well

not saying that this router dont do it cause i read that it does but at 2.4ghz

i might end up using my old router for the wireless n 5ghz only and for the range cause i notice with this router the two antennas that are on it dont give me the range that the cisco gives me

so far its been great reading your post great feed back from all of you making it a positive note for me to make the right choice in service

*as of 44 mins ago my router is now back at .22 looking at the time it displays for *time online* it shows its been running at 44 mins its now 3:32 am*


Colleyville, TX
said by Wasted_Elmo:

only bad thing that i didnt like is that its wireless n router modem cause it only has 2.4Ghz

I find the WIFI on the Actiontec rev I to be very stable with a strong signal. I have had a Asus RT-N66U with 5Ghz at 450 Mbs and various others and its nice to see a connection indicated at 300 or 450 Mbs, but I always seem to be having issues with connections dropping or the APs needing a re-boot. The Actiontect is just rock solid and I get the same internet speed test results whether using the Actiontec or the others.