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Problems repointing hugesnet gen4

How do you repoint a peak a gen4 after its already active on the account. Was looking for the page with coordinates for pointing.

Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY, then click on the little "I" icon near the top center. If I recall, you enter your lat/lon in decimal format (GPS coordinates are best) - but the ones the installer used are probably already in there. Correct if necessary, then click NEXT. I think that puts you on the signal strength page.

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united state
reply to JasonChll
Accurate gps coordinates are extremely important. It determines what beam you're on & also calculates the distance from your dish to satellite during ranging for proper output. Unless your an installer with access to the hughes portal & ovt there is no way to tell if you've properly tuned your dish. If having a problem it would be best to go through hughes tech support. There is a high likelihood your system is still under warranty. If moving dish to another location your current coordinates will likely throw a flag during registration & not let you go any further.