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Re: [HT1000] The hughes is letting me down

Strangely, I have no solutions for VPN issues. Some VPN systems work, some don't.... It's possibly why they haven't launched business accounts yet... I think it could be related to the IPv4/IPv6 nature of the system... Maybe disable IPv6 on your router for WAN side and see if it helps any at all?

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I got it fixed now so no problemo, some how my zonealarm was interfering with tunngle and once i uninstalled, it already starting pointing fingers back at my firewall (zonealarm) so then i rebooted and the uninstall removed it all and its working fine again now. I kind of wonder now if maybe Gen4 had anything to do with this since we all here had to get our IP address settings set to automatic from being set to manual once Gen4 was plugged into our switch. I have no clue how it did it but it did and we all were amazingly surprised. Little changes could sometimes make a huge difference or even a compact onto other things, very interesting.

Anyway I installed a new windows on my other internal HD so i have a clean copy running on some what of a better HD life and when next problem(s) arise, thats when my new win install comes into play.. BTW Happy Thanksgiving all hope everyone had a good one!
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