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[AB] Office Internet/Phone

Hello, I was wondering if anyone here knows about setting up Internet/Phone under a business name away from home (In Edmonton). I looked at telus's web site for business but for what the internet is going to be used for the prices are out to lunch. The services will only be used part time and really only be sending/receiving a hand full of emails with light browsing. So I really don't want to pay the amount telus is asking, for such light use. Can I just get regular BASIC Internet/Phone service with telus, or because its under a business name will telus force the business service accounts with the crazy pricing. The only reason Id like to set it up under the business, is to be able to write it off.



Vancouver, BC
Why don't you book it as a residence internet and phone.
then incorporate your business name in your internet address e.g.
joessnacks&telus.net.use your business name on answering machine.
There again with being a residence account I would doubt that you could claim for that with Canada Customs & revenue

Vancouver, BC
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The Business Freedom site is where you want to go, instead of the Business site. They have reasonable Internet and phone bundles, please see the following URL:


Please ignore Kruisey's advice, it is very much against TELUS's Terms of Service.
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Grande Prairie, AB
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Re: [AB] Office Internet/Phone



Vancouver, BC
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High everyone I was an employee with Telus for 30 years and retired now.Am very proud of the fact.
The OP only required a very small package and found the business packages too expensive.
I suggested the residential one for him.Another suggestion I would give to him/her is that they talk with the Business Service Representative.That person might also agree with me.
I will always be a proud Telus family member.


reply to SOHOGuy
Thanks for the suggestions. I actually did look at the Business Freedom site before. And when I saw $80 -$90 just to send emails and make a few calls, it seemed it was to high. When you think about it, my home connection gets 100 times the use and is cheaper.

Honestly I did consider just setting it up under my personal name, but its nice to try and offset what you can under the company, since you get hit by high taxes and everything else. And when it comes to the TOS, I dont know whats that about. 1000's if not 10,000's of people use there personal internet, phone and cell to conduct business already. Kinda reminds me of the old days when I was using BBS's and you where told you needed to tell the teloco you where connecting a computer to your phone line, but no one did. Oh well...

once again thanks for the feed back, guess ill see what I'll do...


Vancouver, BC
Contact Telus and tell them .I am certain that there have been many more like yourself wanting a very small package and see what they suggest.....There is no harm in trying.You don't need to buy if you do not like.