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reply to Amaryllis

Re: ElectronicBox: Terrible billing, very bad customer services.

eh can you put that in easy to understand language?

Mind if I try to take a stab at what you said and what directly affects you?

said by Amaryllis:

1. They gulped down my monthly payment before I had any monthly service and

2. stopped my internet service...just because my payment was deposited in a Montreal canadian bank 2 DAYS BEFORE THE FIRST OF THE MONTH.

3. FOR ANY DELAY OF THE BANK, they will say that you are 100% at fault, threaten, charge a lot, cut internet services and ask for $85 to reinstall!

1. All of the resellers take you money before you ever get any service. It's an unwritten rule that when you do finally get service you should call them to make sure they don't bill you for the days you had no service.

I don't know of any reseller not doing this. It's rather crooked.

2. I assume they bill you on the first of the month? If you money was there but for some reason locked and they couldn't get the money, that is indeed your fault.

If you know a bank puts a hold on money/cheque (which some banks do) and this hold surpasses your payment due date, that is no ones fault except yours. You should be aware of the banks "hold" policy. and adjust payment date (or method of payment).

At the very least you could call and inform Ebox to state the money is there but on hold. Soe companies understand (some don't).

Or did I misunderstand your point #2? If I did then try to rewrite it so we can understand it.

3. This is correct. See #2. This is true for every company you will use in your life. Get used to it. I am guessing you are very young and have not experienced life yet.

I would suggest you speak with them to arrange an extra day every month since your money is on hold, or speak to the bank about a line of credit.

Or if you have no credit for whatever reason life tossed at you, then maybe pay by money order or find a service that will allow you to pay only when you have non-withheld money (good luck with that).

Do you seriously think this is their fault?

Bell will run a credit for you (let you miss a payment due date) and then charge you interest. Move to them? But this may affect your credit rating in the end.


Qc, Canada
sound correct and if so, the OP does not understand how things work...
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