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Sudbury, ON
reply to LondonOntGuy

Re: Teksavvy - What the hell has happened to you guys?

TSI had built up a lot of loyalty through a "Customer Advocacy" model in the past...doing what was best for the customer. It worked great as we all recall. In this instance, even if it meant perhaps in this case eating a $25 install charge or perhaps suggesting to the OP that "Maybe he should go with Eastlink" as they may be better suited to the OP's needs in regards to service availability.

Instead of brushing off the customer, EMPOWER your reps TSI....I think this is the #1 thing that has been lost in the transition. It seems as though TSI reps don't have the power to resolve issues and make the customer happy. It seems as though roadblocks are thrown up.

It seems as though TSI was willing to create a lot of negative PR just for the sake of "saving" $25. I'm sure the conversation alone between the OP and TSI cost TSI more than $25 in this instance.

If TSI couldn't come through on the installation, do what you can, but ultimately, if you can't serve the customer, sever ties on good terms, because you create goodwill. You may not get the short term sale, but in the long term the OP goes like this....

"Well, I tried to hook up with TSI...the install got mangled by Bell, it is what it is, I got my money back from TSI, it was an overall ok experience".

Random fact: In the customer service industry, especially telecom, customers get frustrated, with hold times, wait times, inexperienced reps...frustration leads to anger, which is what you're seeing with the OP.

The question is, not to get defensive at the OP and their words, and know that the OP isn't yelling at any of you or anyone at TSI personally, the OP is just frustrated and angry with the situation at hand.

However, I will just restate that I believe there's no empowerment by TSI reps at the 1st level to be able to advocate on behalf of their customer....I'm not sure if this is something that can be changed, but rather than "morphing" into Bell, that even though TSI is "larger" they can still empower their agents to provide the credits to the customer, so that TSI Andre doesn't have to step in as often as he seems to do, which he does a fantastic job of stepping in, but shouldn't have to be stepping into these direct situations as Agent X's Supervisor should be the one stepping in to handle these requests.