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North York, ON

Turbo Hub Service Agreement - Web Server

So, I recently signed up for a Netgear MVBR1210c for the cottage with the intent of making a security camera system viewable over the internet.

It took a couple of weekends of trying to set the router up for dynamic dns, port forwarding, and remote management to finally get frustrated enough to dig deeper. In spite of telling the sales person of the intended purpose we were not told that a public ip would be required at an additional cost ($5 for a dynamic public ip or $10 for a static public ip).

I was just scanning the service agreement and came to clause #15. Clause #15 says that if you use the device for multi-media streaming or a web server then you agree to pay $30 per megabyte.

The flex plan is $42 for just under 2GB while clause #15 indicates that 2GB would cost $60,000. Should I be afraid of using the hub with the security camera?


Calgary, AB
where u able to connet this turbo hub and access your camera's remotely? If yes, how?