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Toronto, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
reply to mlerner

Re: Teksavvy - What the hell has happened to you guys?

said by mlerner:

Actually no, in at least the last 3 years, they have only gained more customers. And as mentioned several times now, Bell's dispatch procedure has been in place during that time and this is not first case. A lot of people only see two choices, the incumbent or a wholsaler like TekSavvy, and TekSavvy generally wins since you also get the same issues with Bell themselves. Lesser of two evils.

You took that too literally. I don't think he meant they are losing customers overall, just that they are losing some customers because of such issues.

I can't say specifically they are, although it seems likely, but I can definitely vouch for the fact they are missing out on potential customers. There are at least 3 people that look to me for computer advice that I could have advised sign up with Teksavvy, but haven't. And that's because I don't want them to run into situations like this one. I know they are at the mercy of Bell on this front, but as long as that's the case, I can't recommend them to people.