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bronx cheers from cheap seats
Mississauga, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
reply to Upsidedown

Re: Teksavvy - What the hell has happened to you guys?

said by Upsidedown :

said by bt:

said by BrianON:

I have a hard time believing a legitimate customer swears and rants like this over one missed install date and not getting a $25 refund.

I sure don't.

Its not just $25. Its taking a day off of work, staying home for a no show and most likely having to take another day off to get service. If you add that up, its 1-2 missed days of work and a $25 fee, at that point, at least for some people, is about recuperating their losses and that $25 is prime target.

one other post said 4 days (though that's his word). That's a lot of time off work if you don't get paid for it or a lot of lost vacation days.

That $25 fee or any install fee will always have a red target on it until an install is completed on time and properly. Not just Teksavvy in this example, any third party ISP. If you get in to the business of leasing the lines off a big bad ISP such as Bell/Rogers etc, you should be prepared to either fight for your rights as an ISP to better service your customers or don't get in business at all.

Every business should have an ability to take a loss. Business isn't purely profit. Not saying Teksavvy always gets profit but if a customer decides to cancel, telling them sorry it's been spent is no excuse. You win some, you loose some. (for anyone who will argue what i said, don't give me the "if they refunded everybody" excuse. There isn't enough bad installs to bankrupt them. Takes from your profits sure, but that is the cost of doing business)

Point is, if Teksavvy as a business wasn't a lucrative business, it wouldn't be expanding.