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Huntington, WV

Headend question

Is it possible to have two separate cable companies sharing one headend? Reason I ask is that my area is formerly Adelphia, and was split up between TWC and Comcast. The headend is on the Comcast side and the channel lineups on both sides are identical, plus my TV Guide Channel on Comcast used to show both the TWC logo AND the Comcast logo.

Any ideas?

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How do you know that's your headend? I doubt it, especially knowing comcast. They may have shared briefly while the area was split.
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Huntington, WV
reply to netz
I assumed it's Comcast's headend because it's next door to their offices and has a Comcast logo on it. Plus, we're the only Comcast system in a sea of SuddenLink and Armstrong, so it has to be it.

Also, there is a fiber line running between the Comcast area and TWC area, which are seperated by Armstrong.

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Saint Paul, MN
reply to netz
Locally, before Comcast and Time Warner bought and split up Adelphia, Saint Paul and suburbs was Comcast, and Minneapolis and suburbs was Time Warner. Both systems had there own headends, both received all the video channels, however, there was a fiber connection between the two systems. The Comcast side that I worked in got all of the channels from the Time Warner headend, sent them on fiber to the Comcast headend and then combined them from there in the Comcast headend to transport out. It had to do with local ad insertions. Comcast did all the ad insertions for both companies. Now Minneapolis is also Comcast, and the same setup is still used. However, the people on the Minneapolis Time Warner system saw Time Warner logos and the Saint Paul side saw Comcast logos. I did hear that every once in a while a commercial would run for Comcast on the Time Warner system, but it wasn't a normal routine.