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Makes me laugh

LOL, gonna reduce my d/l speeds... HA HA HA!!! They can't even give me what I pay for and constantly have to reset the router b/c it drops from 45m to 7m d/l speeds on a weekly basis. I use torrents through the games I play. WOT is one I use. I d/l the torrent through them. I admit I have used some software off TPB, and I have went and bought it as I liked it and kept getting crashes from it. Piracy would be slowed down if software companies used a try before you buy on their material. I mean you get to test drive a car before you buy it, why not be allowed to test drive the software before you buy it? I don't like the fact of having to pay for a product and then come to find out I don't like it. You can't return opened software. You will never stop piracy, but if a little common sense was used you can slow it down.