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Re: OVH pricing at Montreal datacenter is... insane?

said by Ree:

said by pfak:

After getting a server with them, I notice they give themselves root access on your machine by storing authorized_keys2 in ~/.ssh (at least on the Ubuntu Server image) and provide their own custom kernel that most likely has vulnerabilities.

They need those keys to help people that manage to lock themselves out of their server. You're free to remove them, but then you're on your own if you mess something up.

You're also free to install whatever kernel you want if you're worried about vulnerabilities in theirs.

agreed and i created images for all types a clients needs , and people thought we was miracle workers...once i had a prob that was new i'd fix that then create a auto upload sorta like a private sftp that could just pull stuff to a client...

to give you idea of the crazy stuff i can do i actually got rtorrent to work on windows xp with cygwin by changing the parsing in the makefile ....