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Yo Soy Col. "Bat" Guano
Philly burbs

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Philadelphia, Pa to Midlothian, VA back to Philly...

In one day! What was I thinking?

My cousin who lives in Midlothian, VA asked me to come down for Thanksgiving. I have business tomorrow and I couldn't stay over, but I had promised her I would come, so I decided to make the round trip trek in one day.

The traffic down was BRUTAL. Especially south of DC. The ride down was close to 5 hours with traffic.

The ride was worth it. I hadn't seen her 2 adult sons in almost a decade. We keep in touch online but it's not the same. Her one son drove up from Florida. All 4 of us picked up like it was yesterday. Talking, busting balls, and just havin good conversation.

Made the return trip (actually to Garnet Valley, PA in the Philly 'burbs) in 3 hours 34 min. Not to shabby.

Most of all, I got to be with some family I hadn't seen in a long time. I'm tired, and a little sore, but all in all it was worth the effort to go & I made it home in one piece

So for Thanksgiving, I'm thanking God for giving me nudge to entertain the notion of driving 8 hours round trip to spend 2 hours with family.

It's something I wouldn't have done in my earlier years....
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