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Fo' Shizzle
Houston, TX
reply to Jackorama

Re: [Vista] Can't get IE9 to load any websites since MS updates.

Another thing you should tell her is to never let Windows Update re-start the computer itself, especially laptops. A lot of times Windows is still finishing up things in the background and the automatic restart aborts and corrupts part of the process. Just close Windows update after you scan and install the updates you want and then restart it yourself after the hard disk indicator slows down.


Kingston, ON
Thanks SipSizzurp.

When I read your post, I remembered that after the ms updates install there is a timer that counts down and restarts the computer. I thought it was strange because mine, win7, waits for me to tell it to restart. We were also having problems with ms automatically downloading & installing in the background. I have reset it to notify when downloads are available, but every so often it reverts back.
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