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Lincoln, NE
reply to BlueArcher

Re: 24 Mbps package

Yeah, I'm sure it's either hosted out of a Windstream site or is peered in Omaha. I'm pretty sure Plattsmouth is served by Windstream, but on the commercial side they may have other options.

But, at least it lets me know that any delays/lack of throughput isn't on my end or even "local". When I was having problems a few months back of 1Mbps downloads, it was to the same Plattsmouth site, so I knew it had to be either me or in Lincoln. Turns out it was a problem here in Lincoln that was finally resolved.

Well, good luck with your speeds. I wonder if it has to do with how they route and peer things internally? We are probably peered to the "outside world" at different locations or by different routes, and maybe mine is just a little less congested/shorter/whatever?