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[BC] Can't find any information on upgrading

I was told in my area they were offering higher speed packages, So i went to the telus website to check avail packages in my area, The website lists my address as unserviceable, Yet I already have High Speed enhanced (old name i guess from way back, its 2.5down 0.5 up).

Is there anyway to find out information on avail packages in my area?.. I was sort of hesitant to call thinking they would screw with my already existing connection.


I was a bit hessitant myself to call in myself but my friend boris decided to anyway for me. He got the nitty gritty but he brags too much about how fast his making dsl clear is. Next thing you know he is now like 50-70% slower while the rest of us reap the rewards and now are faster than ever. Serves boris right for being cocky like that. But I noticed I am already 56K faster now he always brags about how much he knows. Overhead this , Packetloss that, how he knows a faster route to toronto, london, africa, poland etc etc you get the picture. I am sure we all know a boris in life somewhere. secretly I think boris just likes a challenge. That and than I have to be his friend, shocking I know he goes on for hours and hours about how fibre isn't as forgiving as copper lines and how fibre has no feel anymore and is either shockingly disapointing and how he is a true " Copper Coated Eliteist " whatever that means. Whatever I guess I will hear him out on it. But in the end no matter how he blathers to me how smart he is in the end he is usually light.

On the up side I am now 50-69% faster now. Darn you Boris, you keep making me look bad.


Vancouver, BC
Thank you for the giggle you made my day