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Re: Are you upgrading to Windows 8 on your gaming machine?

At this point in time, No. I won't be upgrading to Windows 8. My current system runs perfectly. Lately, I've hardly had issues (knock on wood) with anything I've been running or thrown at my system. I've finally gotten to the point where everything literally just works great! My hardware is optimally OC'd, OS settings/permissions are set beautifully, and the system is overall finely tuned to eek out the most performance from everything in and on it.

I'm really very happy with Windows 7 and where I'm at. I'm going to be working on budgeting some hardware upgrades in the next month that will really set me up for the next year or two. But as far as my OS... I'm golden. Windows 7 is an awesome operating system. I don't want to throw away a time-tested, solid OS at this point for an OS just out the gate.

I'd like to run Win 8 on atleast *a* machine and buy a touchscreen monitor for it. But Win 8 is not gonna touch my gaming machine with a 10 ft. pole.