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reply to diskace

Re: CCTS Annual Report

said by diskace:

Just for sake of argument do you know any industry where you can complaint to an independent body about a service and the merchant get slapped by a fee after your complaint (doesn't matter if it was a valid one or not) ?

I think all 3rd party ombudsman entities are like this.

Off the top of my head the only one I can think of that actually charges people is the Régie de l’énergie (Quebec Energy board). They charge 30$ for you to even make a complaint. If your complaint is accepted they refund the 30$ (and before you file a complaint with them, you have to show written proof from your energy company that you tried to resolve the issue).

Do you have the resources to put an ombudsman in place? Basically you are paying for the use of an ombudsman (with guidance/board-directors from various entities like PIAC).

And as gone stated, the industry itself (Bell, Rogers, Telus et al) made this situation by how they tried, and still do, try to gouge people and provide the very bare minimum, if any, in quality service, billing and dispute resolution. Not to mention the failure of the CWTA (the wireless astroturf sock-puppet association).

Since we know Acanac & teksavvy's stats (shown here: »Re: CCTS Annual Report) let's use them as an example with the pricing you gave up above.

Acanac: 78 complaints
Reg fee: 500$
78*$70= $5,460
Basic Total: $5960 + their time for 78 complaints + any good will resolution + awards

Teksavvy: 32 complaints
Reg fee: 500$
32*$70= $2,240
Basic Total: $2,740 + their time for 32 complaints + any good will resolution + awards

In the grand scheme of things, that isn't a lot in a year. Is it worth it to you to even hire someone? It would cost you more to hire/pay someone for 5-hrs a week for a year, as in teksavvys case.

In addition, from a quality, managerial, and service point of view, any good company would use the stats generated from this ombudsman service to attack the area's in their companies weakness that lead to these ombudsman complaints in order to:
A) Better protect themselves
B) Better serve the beloved customer
C) Complete the Quality Cycle
D) Make their policies clearer.
E) Evaluate the costs of acceptable loss and risk
F) Educate employee's.

This separates the champs from the chumps.

Just saying for sake of argument...