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Cisco DPC3825 keeps resetting

Brought my old DOCSIS 2.0 modem in to the Rogers store today for an exchange for a new DOCSIS 3.0 modem.

Got home, put it in bridge mode and hooked it up to my old router, and everything worked fine for about 4 hours. Since then, it's constantly resetting and dropping the connection.

Can I go back to the Roger's store and get it exchanged again?


per my hours on the phone with rogers last night - the dpc3825 had a recent firmware upgrade, that has made them unstable as all getout. what I Was told is that modems from the store don't have the upgrade.

but if yours is still flakey - at a guess, either it does have the most recent firmware roll-out, or you have a faulty modem.

I'd call them - escalate - and get it swapped.


London, ON

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said by df001 :

.....the dpc3825 had a recent firmware upgrade, that has made them unstable.....

Ya know, once again, this is just perfectly ridiculous. Rogers pushing not field tested firmware upon unsuspecting users that destabilizes and destroys perfectly good, privately owned Gateways.

I mean it's criminal. These guys pay $200 for a Gateway and what, $400 for a PVR etc. and Rogers does this over and over and over.........where's the CRTC when you need them?

Claim it on your house insurance. Let Rogers do battle with those big boys.......................I wouldn't swap it. I'd demand a brand new gateway with factory firmware and nothing less. And yes, factory firmware works just fine on Rogers network.


Scarborough, ON
reply to Anonuser1
You can exchange it as many times as you want. Retail stores do not care. No need to call anyone to get authorization to exchange it.


reply to Anonuser1
Looks like I got hit by this faulty firmware too!!
Nowhere in town seems to have a modem either, will Rogers give me a bill credit for being OOS?