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Quebec, QC
reply to funny0

Re: OVH pricing at Montreal datacenter is... insane?

said by funny0:

so you all know they back door thee ssh keys
you can remove them but you wont get support either ( that is the excuse they use )
anyhow its like i said before you can get a US kimsufi for 9.99 that is unlimited 100 megabit

i have a friend give me access to a gigabit box....

i used ot help a friend build up a reseller business when i stopped helping it had in two months built up 80 clients...some even paying me more then we asked cause htey loved the 24/7 ability of service and solving of any problem ....

There is no Kimsufi in Canada for 9.99$ (only in France). And they are no longer 100mbps unlimited (max 5tb, 10mbps after)