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[HT1000] How to config SNMP

So with this Gen4 we will be getting more data allowance with no free time and allowance resetting only once every month.. I got Networx and I'm trying to see how I can monitor everyone's usage in the household by looking at our switch and watching it 24/7 to see if anyone is pushing up over our limit. Here is the error window i am getting: "Router interface cannot be empty. Probably your router does not support SNMP required for this feature." Well we don't have a router just a switch but we do have a wifi router and that has a password.

When I first opened up the option: "Monitor my router rather than this computer." it showed a IP address but i'm not totally sure it was my real IP so I tried and the error window still comes up. I click on Networks and it shows in the box area only one thats named unnamed, there's also a gateway MAC address with is: xx-xx-xx-xx-xx its not really "x" marks but numbers and letters, i just put x marks cause i thought it should'nt be said anywhere like here (for security purposes) anyway WAN is'nt showing anything on the drop down. Anyone have any ideas?
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You'll be better off with a router than with a switch. But the router address cannot be, because that's the address of the HT1000 modem. With the router temporarily disconnected from the modem, go into the router properties and change the address to something other than that of the modem. I configured one of mine for, and another for

Then connect the router to the modem. From then on, will get you into the modem, and 192.168.xxx.1 will get you into the router. From that point your Networx instructions should make more sense.

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Yep, get a router, or a managed switch instead of an unmanaged one... Make sure the router supports SNMP