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Hilo, HI
reply to Shootist

Re: WIN8 on new laptop=crap

I agree. I should not have to jump through hoops to use Win 8. Nor should I have to install Classic Shell which is a third party program..thus subject to causing all sorts of problems. The WIN 8 UI sucks. I can't even change the Windows default font from that impossible to read Segoe to Verdana except in the registry. I can't access Item list in Advanced Display either. Microsoft has violated ADA with Win 8. I could care less if Win 8 is the same on phones and other devices. I don't have a cell phone that accesses the internet and don't care about tablets either or laptops. I bought an expensive new DESKtop and I expected Microsoft to make Win 8 work properly on a desktop.

The problem with installing Win 7 is that the OEMs are giving everyone trying to downgrade a hard time. Folks are complaining at Dell forums. I am about to call Dell Small/Medium Business Employee Software Support Program for instructions on (1) how to do a clean install of Win 8. Dell has told me that Microsoft has forbidden the OEMs to supply Win 8 Reinstallation disks and I have to be walked through a "new way" to do a clean install. That sounds like hogwash to me. (2) I need instructions on how to exercise my downgrade rights. Dell forums are full of complaints that Dell is charging upwards of $100 for downgrade rights! That is crazy as my understanding of Microsoft's rules are that I am charged nothing for a Win 7 Pro disk and Win 8 Pro disk (assuming I have Win 8 Pro).

I had to stay up until 4AM my time in order to call Dell Sm/Med Business Employee Software Support Program as it is open only 8AM-5PM CST. It is now 8:04 AM in Round Rock, Texas. Wish me luck. This computer goes back to Dell if I get any guff about getting a Win 8 Pro Reinstallation disk and and Win 7 Pro one free of any charge except a nominal one for shipping.
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Rockwood, MI
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Been Using Windows 8 Pro With Media Center Since Friday October 26th, Adapted Well to the NEW Start menu myself, also use Desktop mode most of the time, but otherwise I got no issues with Windows 8 Pro at all.

Under the Hood Improvements from Windows 7 to 8, are worth it, ability to mount ISO's with File Explorer, Much Improved File Transfer Dialog, Task Manager, Responsiveness of the System, Totally enjoyable experience for me personally. Then again I do have a Windows Phone as well, so was kinda used to the Modern Interface with Live Titles anyways prior to getting Windows 8 Pro