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Toronto, ON


Sorry to hear that, if there's anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Thank you.


I have exactly similar experience with Acanac right now and when I asked to cancel my account Acanac agents asked me to send email to them to their feedback and when I asked how I can send email with no internet access they suggested to use internet cafe or a friend's internet. To me, it can't be anything but fraud to take people's money and then decline their request to cancel and refund when the company's website clearly states "30 days money back" satisfaction guarantee.

I did not receive any service from Acanac because the modem had not been configured from the beginning and when asking them to cancel my account and refund my money, they send me another email stating that they are working to resolve the problem! What problem? I don't need your service because it crapped out from the start and because none in your company is willing to take responsibility and talk to customer except a bunch of sales agent who can not do anything for you but taking your money. If you can do anything for unsatisfied people it is better to start with giving a phone number for a responsible person who can actually do anything. The only phone number that Acanac has directs you to those agents who have no authority and can not do anything except taking your money and credit card info.

I with will be filing a complaint with police against this company if they continue to refuse cancelling my account and refunding my money. I am currently using internet from a the place of a family member and will try to check in a couple of days.