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It's that time of year again...

Well I've finished my xmas shopping in record time this year and just to cap things off properly I just got off the phone with the Salvation Army and made my annual contribution to the kettle fund.

I realize it's been a shitty year for a lot of people this year and that Sally Anne has had their share of troubles with embezzling supervisors, but all the same, if you're not comfortable with giving your money to them this year there are dozens of other worthy charities out there who deserve to see any help they can get this year.

Here's a few worthwhile groups to choose from.







These are a few of my favorite charities. Feel free to add yours to the list.

Remember, while you're warm in bed sleeping off your xmas turkey this year, somebody is going to bed hungry. Give til it hurts.

I'd strike OCAP off your list - I'll leave my personal views of them out of it; but will say I don't put them in the same company as the rest of the ones you posted... Anyways.

I'll add local service clubs (Lions/Lioness, Kinsmen/Kinettes, etc), if you want to keep things in your own community. Most do toy/food drives this time of year...

Our local Paramedic's do a toy drive, I always make sure to donate a couple of items to them.

North York, ON
My favorite charity is

Nathan's pediatric cardiologist is based out of Sick Kids, and she was amazing at walking us through everything with his heart problem.
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A Lurker
that's Ms Lurker btw
Wellington N
reply to lugnut
I try to give money locally, so...

United Way
(Hey, Shatner fans - he's at Hamilton Place in December with part of the money going to the United Way.)

Halton Women's Place
(Everyone should have a safe harbour)

Local food banks
I'm embarrased to admit that I put items in more than one bin in local grocery stores but I'm not sure if the items go to Partnership West or the Salvation Army.

Burlington Humane Society
(Hey, cats and dogs can't even ask for help...)

And if you want to know how your favourite charity spends your dollars: