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Apache Junction, AZ

Not a good choice for remote areas.

How can you give a good rating if there's no service in your area?
T-Mobile is not a good choice for remote areas like Alexandria if you want to use any data. They have almost zero coverage outside of major cities, nothing at all along freeways or in small towns. While we have good coverage all around the Phoenix area, I recently drove across Texas and there was no signal at all along I-10, not even Edge, after leaving El Paso until I got all the way to San Antonio. You'd think they would at least have coverage in Ft. Stockton but no. Verizon and AT&T are better choices for remote areas since they have coverage along most freeways and in a lot of little towns. Sprint does too in some cases but it's really spotty. If you check the coverage in OpenSignalMaps dot com they show coverage in Alexandria for AT&T and even for Sprint but nothing at all for T-Mobile.