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Bethel, CT
reply to The Q

Re: A tale of two Cable Companies

Going back to my original post, I was comparing the transparency of Cablevisions public statement about what would be refunded due to Sandy compared to the coy nature of what Comcast's public statement was:

Cablevision's statement says its customers can receive a credit for any "full or partial day during which they were unable to access Optimum services,"; according to a statement on its website.

"Customers who have experienced a loss of service should contact Cablevision within 30 days of service being restored and request a credit for their regular monthly charges during the period when Optimum TV, phone or Internet products were unavailable, including periods when there was no electricity to the home or business where the services are received," said the statement.

Cablevision's senior executive vice president, Kristin Dolan added: "Customers will not be responsible for any damage to Cablevision equipment caused by the storm, and will be able to exchange damaged equipment at no cost."

Comcast on the other hand coyly tells you that they will handle each customer on an individual basis. That allows Comcast to do two things: (1) look like they care about their customers without actually caring for their customers, and (2) hop on the coattails of the good press coverage obtained from transparency of the public statements of other cable companies.

While many people have tried to veer this thread off onto other unrelated topics, no one has been able to justify Comcast's continuing poor customer service.

That, in and of itself, speaks volumes.