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Hilo, HI

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Re: WIN8 on new laptop=crap

I called Dell at 4AM...no sleep because I was calling Employee Software Support Program in Round Rock, Tx which operates on CST M-F. I was directed to this dept by a Dell email responding to my request for a Reinstallation disk for Win 8 Pro. Instead of getting this program, I got hardware support in India (special queue for this higher end machine).

The tech tried to tell me I could not get a reinstallation disk! He also tried to tell me I have no downgrade rights from Microsoft even though I deliberately bought a Win 8 Pro system through Employee/Employer Purchase Program from Dell Small/Med Business Division so that I would have my Microsoft downgrade rights.

I got transferred to a supervisor who was pulled out of a meeting to talk to me (so I would not have to wait for him to call hours later as I need to get some sleep). I made it very clear to him that Dell should not be charging buyers of new Dell systems with Win 8 Pro up to $100 (in England) for the right to downgrade to Win 7 Pro as that is not what Microsoft has said. At least this is not what I read in Microsoft's statement about downgrade rights. If Microsoft has made a muddy statement then Dell should have corrected that statement on its website on the conigurator and made it crystal clear that it believes we have NO downgrade rights.

The supervisor is now speaking with his team and higher ups in Dell and will call me back in two hours (no sleep tonight for me). I told him that since Dell is ignoring their own forum where folks are asking for clarification on getting Win 8 reinstallation disks and asking how to exercise their downgrade rights if they bought a new computer with Win 8 pro that I plan to post what he tells me when he calls back on the Dell forum and other forums and thus he should make sure he has correct information before calling me back.

First the supervisor said I could downgrade to Win 7 Pro at no charge (but I had to get to a supervisor and push hard to get that concession) but he said I could never upgrade back to Win 8 Pro. I told him that I believed that stance was in violation of my Microsoft downgrade rights which state I can upgrade back to Win 8 Pro when I am ready (which I told him would be when Microsoft issues a service pack removing Metro from Desktop computers and makes it easier for me to do things like change the default Windows font).

It will be interesting what Dell decides. I told him the computer goes to back to Dell if I cannot get both a Win 8 Pro Reinstallation disk and an Win 7 Pro one at no charge (except a reasonable handling/shipping fee).

(I also explained to him that I would have bought this system back in May with Win 7 except I read the Dell forum thread about this system having non-functional PCI-e ports! I told him I kept waiting and waiting for Dell to acknowledge the problem and then say how they would fix it and on what time schedule. 250 posts in the thread and Dell finally issued a BIOS upgrade to fix it. This was the end of September and they were still shipping the system with the old BIOS in mid-October. So, by the time I was able to order this system with the upgraded bios and functional PCI-e ports Dell was putting Win 8 on it).
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