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[connectivity] Can I pre-stage a parents new router from another

Morning everyone! I just ordered Verizon DSL for my in-laws and my activation due is due to occur a week from now. In the interest of saving money I have a spare Westell 7500 router which i will donate to my in-laws at their location but unlike old times this new account requires I complete a enrollment using Verizon's horrible activation process whereby you now choose a userid and a password online via the Verizon activation process. Has anyone ever set up a new account from another location and once the activation date has come and gone just simply used a pre-setup and properly configured Westell 7500, plug & play via this pre-staged Westell with newly chosen userid and p/w at my in-laws residence? Hoping not to encounter issues otherwise I want get Verizon on the phone prior to my in-laws activation date...please advise

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Re: [connectivity] Can I pre-stage a parents new router from ano

#1 I point you to

a) »Verizon Online DSL FAQ »How to activate without using VZ installation CD?

and to

b) »Verizon Online DSL FAQ »How to Turn off the Walled Garden

#2 One or both of those FAQs, should help you.
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reply to swong

Just completed my activation this morning and I thought it worth sharing the fact you do NOT have to go through the whole/complete activation procedure as a new subscriber to Verizon dsl. For those who might not know this if you do go thru with the "complete Verzon activation the whole process drives you thru a bunch of needless prompts especially a upselling proocess where Verizon tries to sell you unwanted and unneeded services. To make matters worse this activation loads a bunch of Verizon hooks and features which needlessly slow down your pc. With this in mind this is what you have to do.....

Go thru the initial set-up only to create your choosen userid and password. I used a pc already subscribed to Verizon dsl to create this brand new family member's userid and p/w. Once you have choosen and created both this new userid and p/w wait patiently until a validating email is sent to a choosen email recipient which allows you to validate this is a legitimate and authorized person choosen to complete this setup. Respond to the email link then wait approximately 30 minutes until Verizon updates their authorizing server to reflect this is a new dsl subscriber with this newly created userid and p/w

Using my eBay purchased Westell 7500 wireless router just configure this router for the choosen userid and p/w. Save the changes then reboot and bingo...you are good to go. Bring this pre-staged second hand router to your father-in-law's residence where his verizon landline phone is provision and activated...cable up this router and you are go up annd finally running.

FYI, I purchased a second hand Westell 7500 from eBay...paid 99cents plus $7 shipping otherwise Verizon wanted $19.95 for a activation fee just so they could recoup router costs under the pretext of a "activation fee". I also snagged a Linksys WRT54G V2 gateway with DD-WRT pre-installed and configurered this as a wireless access point which covers the dead areas of house some 2 stories up. While we are on the subject of Westell routers be advised the old Westell 327W wireless routers (the one with the external single antenna) eventually burns out rendering both wired and wireless intermittant. Suggestion is to keep at least one Westell 7500 on the shelf "configured and ready to go". I live in Rego Park, Ny and have been waiting for FIOS patiently for years now. Hope Verizon offers it in Rego Park before I am long dead and buried. Though I have the 7Mb/768Kb package I still encounter the dreaded buffering and stuttering when I attempt to view HD streaming video (Netflix and Youtube).

Last piece of advice is purchase all your stuff off eBay...cheap, sometimes new, ocassionally stolen goods but who cares as long as i snag a bargain. Hope this helps everyone!