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On The Road
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Re: Monitoring data usage on a Millenicom plan

You can sign the modem up at vzw.com in my verizion. But, since I hate logging in there, I'm using a per PC monitor. I'm using networx and like it. I loved the network monitor gadget, but not supposed to use them anymore.


Anyway, set that to show daily and monthly totals on each PC. It's working for me now.

Doesn't seem to be an easy way on the modem itself. Oh well. Good luck on your solution.
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Crossville, TN
Thank you for this suggestion.

How do Networx's 30-day data usage calculations compare to the numbers that Millenicom calculates for the same time period? Or is there even a way to know how much you used during your 30 day cycle with the Millenicom plan?

We will be "snow birding" for 3 months in Florida in an area where only Verizon has a 4G presence. We're considering the Millenicom 20GB plan that uses Verizon towers and don't want to go over. Do they send you notices like Verizon does when you hit certain percentages of your data allotment?

We currently have a Verizon 4G Jetpack (4620) which will be put on "suspension" while in Florida and use something with a larger data allotment. I can monitor it Verizon's site, but the numbers they show always seem to be "behind". I've gone over my 5G allowance a few times, even though online reading taken at midnight on the last day of the cycle said I was OK. Is Networx real time?