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Hilo, HI
reply to Kramer

Re: WIN8 on new laptop=crap

You think it is an improvement that you cannot change the default Windows font except by entering the registry and making changes there? And how would one know to do this when they first start Win 8 and they can't read that awful Segoe font? You think it is an improvement that you cannot access Advanced Display/Item list in Win 8 so you cannot make necessary display changes? I can't even get small icons in the systray! Or space them closer together...they ares spaced way too wide apart. And the icon short cuts on the Desktop are GIGANTIC and without access to Advanced Display/Item list I can't make those tiny either. Plus, for the first time since Win 95, my Desksweeper program will not work to hide the Desktop icons. I don't know any way now to hide them. When I get a bunch I will not be able to see the theme underneath!

Yes, Win 8 has a vastly improved search over Vista/Win 7 that could not find anything but this, and a few other improvements, does not make up for ruining the display and the ability to adjust the display like the user needs/wants it.

As for avoiding Metro, I constantly have a HUGE black clock pop up for no reason on the desktop and it is almost impossible for me to see the vertical scroll bar in Fx because I can't change it to a better color (it's Windows default gray on gray color) so I am trying to grab it when I can't see it clearly and instead up pops that awful charms bar! Over and over this happens. If I barely move my mouse on Win 8, I get some weird crap showing up. That doesn't happen on earlier versions of Windows.
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Richmond, VA

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Mele20 See Profile I would think that no more then one in ten million would be concerned with not being able to change the default Windows font without being able to make a registry change and I might be under-estimating the odds. I'm not judging you or your concern, because that is what makes you unique... But think about this for a minute... how many people out there would even think to change the default Windows font and then how many of those that would care that a registry change be required to do so. I can do everything I need to do and was pleased to see that without Aero, I can now set the font sizes on individual items, when I couldn't do it before in WIN7 Aero, without performing a wholesale enlargement of all fonts, bringing many apps to their knees.

As far as the charms and clock poppiing up, if you disable the active corners in Classicshell, that will stop. I am with you on using third party apps, but Classicshell hasn't caused me any problems yet and it sure makes me happy except for the slowness of the Start Menu popping up.