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Hemet, CA

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reply to Blackbird

Re: WIN8 on new laptop=crap

said by Blackbird:

As I watch the Win8 saga unfold, I'm struck by what I believe is a tactical error on the part of Microsoft, probably resulting from a strategic decision on their part. In order to drive user acceptance of a UI that integrates with MS's strategic plans for a single "user experience" across a broad range of device types, they have apparently designed and released a new OS that does not intentionally ease the transition in UI by having a single UI "choice" button right at the user's fingertips following bootup. Whether one can achieve such a "classic" UI via a path of multiple clicks and settings plus use of 3rd-party mods is irrelevant - it's not an inherent, "instant" part of the OS itself, and it's the OS that folks have just paid for, either directly or indirectly (as part of a new OEM system). It's the OS they will have to use daily for years to come.

As you pointed out what you see in these food fights is a culture clash between those that those that just want to use a computer as a tool to accomplish tasks and those that want to see the operating system as a new toy to play with. What you left out is the fact that there is a group that will accept any MS dog food no matter how bad and remain devoted fanbois.

Darn few home or business users fall into the last two categories which is why Windows 8 will not see corporate adoption ever and why home PC sales are suffering. MS got arrogant again and are going to have a choice between providing an interface choice or accepting reduced sales.

BTW there have been free tools for opening ISOs in Windows 7 for years without having to deal with a very limiting phone interface on a desktop.

said by vaxvms:

Change is bad and serves no useful purpose. Never has. Never will.

Change to improve the user experience is good, change because you think you know better than your customers and want to stuff your ideas down their unwilling throats is stupid. Forcing MS Bob 2013 on customers was a stupid and arrogant business decision driven by an egomaniac at MS.

"Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."
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