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Tiger paw


Porting At & t to Comcast

I am in the process of switching and want to use home wiring I know all about plugging in but it's the disconnect that may be an issue. I don't have a outside box for the land line. It comes in from underground in my basement. Question is, when AT&T shuts off my service will the voltage stop coming in or do I have to cut the phone line so I can use inside wiring?

Reading, PA
You will need to disconnect the feed from AT&T before you can safely use your existing inside wiring.

What you want to do basically is replace the AT&T phone wire with the phone wire coming from the Comcast EMTA.

Tiger paw

So do you think I am ok with just cutting the wire that comes into the house that connects to the 2 x 4" base that has 4 posts. There was at one time 4 phone lines and a security system in this house so it's a spaghetti bowl there

Cable Employ

Saint Paul, MN
reply to Tiger paw
You will need to disconnect the AT&T feed, otherwise the two services will "fight" with each other, potentially causing problems. If you still have the security system, you need to make sure the EMTA is hooked up correctly to the internal phone wiring, or if the alarm is triggered and someone is on the phone, it will not be able to call out.


Grandville, MI
reply to Tiger paw
The simplest way to disconnect yourself from ATT is to remove the line coming from the outside. So to answer your question, yes you can cut the line feeding the two post block in the basement. The should be pretty easy to figure out as to which is the feed.

Is the alarm still being used and is it still monitered? If not then you can either tie in the EMTA right at the two post, or simply plug it into an unused outlet. If the alarm is still actively monitered then the EMTA must feed the alarm first before the two post. This way the alarm will be able to properly seize the line in the event it needs to call out.


reply to Tiger paw
Most telco's just pull you out of the Switch and leave the drop live, so not likley. I remember as a kid still being abor to dial 911 and I think it was 211 which would get you the telco sales department and you could schedule for service on disconnected locations.


reply to Tiger paw
If the comcast is sik for cdv then your only use the phone connect to back of line 1 on the emta. the house phone wiring is not part of self installl cdv. You use the old at&t for anything else alarm ect then you need to leave it alone. Only tech install by comcast will active the inside phone jack (flood the lines) for work with comcast phone system. Tamper with the phone line to house at your own risk.

Quakertown, PA
disagree, just take a cutting pliers and cut the at@t line at the house. Than the wires can be used without issues