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Mentor, OH

Uldum: Very interesting

I went a different route on the toon I am currently leveling. My 1st toon to 90, I went through the entire vashir, deepholm, Twilight Highlands.

On my second toon, I did some of Vashir, then I jumped into Deepholm, then I jumped to Uldum.

I was surprised to find out how more interesting the quests were in Uldum, then they were in twilight highlands.
I'm nearly 85 so I'll jump to panda land before finishing off quests and gaining rep.
I liked Harrison Jones and Schnotz.
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Dodge, NE

ya it is a full rip on IJ and the Last crusade, i love it, and the daily bombing of the schnotz troops is fun, not to mention the rolling ball of gnome destuction you get to do
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Keep It Simple

The rolling ball was full of win, wish there were more quests like that, those bomb/water runs don't count.
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Millersville, MD
reply to Snakeoil

It was fun the first time through, interesting the second and downright annoying for the third+. I ended up skipping most of it on my alts since I could level in dungeons. It was clever, though.

The reference to Crystal Skull with having to hide in the trunks was probably my favorite cutscene.


Aurora, CO

Yeah, but on any alts I might bring up from lower level to 90 I think I'll do Uldum over Deepholm. I did Deepholm too many times getting alts to exalted for the shoulder enchants.


united state
reply to Snakeoil

I think my favorite quests so far have been the ones where there are 3 different people all telling the story from their viewpoint or a portion of the same story. The first one that comes to mind is where you end up riding the motorcycle up to the top of a mountain to punch Deathwing in the nose and you get to pick the babe to ride on the back with you. I can't remember if it was Badlands or Burning Steppes. And then the latest ones in MoP in the Jade Forest where you're the sniper taking people out off the hill and going to the Jade witch's hut. I had first done it on the Horde side with the monkey guy bringing the humor, but did it on the Alliance side a few weeks ago with the dwarf and his raccoon friend and that one is even funnier imo. Those are the kinds of quests that I have to get up and go get the family to gather around the computer for 5 minutes to watch.

Millersville, MD
reply to bTU

said by bTU:

I did Deepholm too many times getting alts to exalted for the shoulder enchants.

Same here....That's why I finished that up, did minimum necessary in Uldum and headed out to TH.


New York, NY
reply to Snakeoil

I wish the gnome-crushing ball quest was a daily. That was fun!


Augusta, GA

said by BG5150:

I wish the gnome-crushing ball quest was a requirement to log on. That was fun!

For Rogues, by Rogues, to be used at the Rogue drive through when you order a side-order of Rogue.


reply to Snakeoil

Uldum has been my favorite quest zone and always will be because of Harrison Jones. It always kept me interested and to make it better, they finally have a gruesome cinematic death scene. ie. The guy who dies to the chopper propeller.