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Re: Do I still need a self-install kit if I supply my own modem?

said by blamblamblam :

I believe the apartment was already set-up for Comcast service, since that's what the previous tenant was using. I'm guessing that means nobody needs to come out to perform an installation?

Also, to partially answer the original question, it seems like I'd have to call Comcast and tell them the MAC address of my modem, but I think that's about it.

Unless you are running an absolutely locked down browser with no possibility of allowing it to use scripting, you probably won't even need to call Comcast to activate your new modem.

In the past, Comcast would require a Windows PC running IE with ActiveX support to use their walled garden modem activation site, but that is no longer the case. I just recently activated both a new modem and an old modem from a previous Comcast residential account with no problems using the automatic walled garden site using a Mozilla based browser (with no ActiveX capabilities). The only current restriction on using the walled garden page seems to be that you have to use it with a directly connected PC instead of going through a NAT router (but that may be router dependent).

One problem you might run into is if the previous tenant in your apartment left a bill balance with Comcast, or did not return Comcast owned equipment. In that case, you will probably need to physically go to the local Comcast office to provide positive identification to prove that you are not the previous tenant.
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