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reply to Mospaw

Re: which car to get?

said by Mospaw:

It's impossible to compare those cars against each other. They're each quite different and each excellent cars that I'd be happy to have. If you're serious about purchasing one, I'm sure any dealer with those cars in stock will be more than happy to let you spend a little time driving one. That will give you an opportunity to see if it fits.

You might fall in love with the Mustang or find its raw power too much to deal with. The Audi might be your cup of tea or the lack of power (comparatively) might turn you off. And so on.

Also, $60k is a HUGE car budget and opens up some really interesting possibilities if you don't mind pre-owned. You can get some rally solid Bentleys, Ferraris, and other super exotic and luxurious stuff. (I'm assuming insurance and maintenance won't be an issue.)

not really looking to compare to each other, as i know they may be in different class altogether. jsut want to know the pros and cons of each.

i dont think i would want pre owned, esp with sports cars. you never know the previous owner could have really put the petal to the medal and raced their car. i'd rather get it new.

i am leaning towards the mustang cuz i feel its more unique (only 4000 are manufacutred each year) , just a pure monster 662hp 0-60 in 3.5 sec , also looks inconspicuous to the avg non-car person (it doesnt scream baller status). also read that its good comfortable car for cruising on the road. how are replacement parts in terms of cost and availability?

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4,000 is nice and rare. I had a car that they only made about 3,000 of a year and it was unusual to see another one. I'm not sure how many C63s get made, but I know a LOT more than 4,000 S4s are mare each year.

Given what you said, I agree the Mustang might be the best choice. Ford parts will (for the most part) be cheaper than the German brands. There will be special parts unique to the GT500 that WILL be expensive, but the parts in common with the rest of the Mustang line will be fairly affordable.

If you want real sleeper status, ask if the car can be "de-badged" (but save a set of decals to preserve the value of the car if you ever decide to sell).

I'd also be willing to bet the interior of the $60,000 Mustang is pretty nice. Not necessarily Mercedes Benz luxurious, but quite tolerable. My Flex is only a $40,000 vehicle and the interior is really nice in it. Expect upgrades to a base Mustang, and if it's not to your liking, you can always have it customized.



if only the mustang had a more updated look to it...its style still looks almost unchanged for the past few years.

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reply to St0ney

said by St0ney:

i dont think i would want pre owned, esp with sports cars. you never know the previous owner could have really put the petal to the medal and raced their car. i'd rather get it new.

I've been looking at a used 2011 C63 AMG Coupe and they are expensive at around $60,000. I can pick up a used Aston Martin, Maserati or Jaguar for less. I'm betwixt and between like you so I'm taking my time and waiting for the right car to come up for sale.

The new ones, according to Autotrade:

Highest Price:$136,455
Lowest Price:$65,195
Average Price:$79,557

Good Luck!

If you want exclusivity the Mustang, although a limited edition model, will not look exclusive.
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