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Phoenix, AZ
reply to Braincramp

Re: [PvE] Quest lines that you do on all your toons

I always do the Hemet Nesingwary quests in each zone as well. Another fun quest line is the Harrison Jones quest line in Uldum.


Moncton, NB

Pretty interesting topic.

I have to admit on some toons i skip questing all together.

But my favorite quests are NEsingwary, like you guys.

But to add something new....

I realy like Horde Northrend Leveling Guide - D.H.E.T.A.'s Little P.I.T.A.

I like to pretend I am personnaly trolling Pamela Anderson.

Infact both the Fjord and Tundra questing lines through out I tend to do. Once they are done, it's just dungeons ect until Cata.

For classic quests I like the undead starting quest line and the follow up in silverpine. The stonetalon questline was really well done to.