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Columbus, OH
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Sprint Airave/Airvana questions

Ok, so I get a mixed bag of answers about the Airave and how it connects using the UltraTV gateway. I have one provided free by Sprint in order to keep me as a customer. Without this device, I can forget about reliable texting and voice calls.

Recently (only recently) have I found out that the UltraTV media gateway has issues with this device.. From symptoms ranging from dropped internet connectivity all the way to loss of video.

I am posting this to see who else has one of these devices and if you are having issues with it connected, and if you fixed it what did you do to get it resolved. Without this device, I might as well be on the dark as far as cell coverage. Too bad I have 22 months left on my Sprint contract.

Again, I haven't had issues with it until the beginning of November, which makes me suspect it isn't an issue with the Airave at all.

Volitar Prime

Utica, MI

I've had one for the past month without any issues. The only issue I have had recently was due to their new billing system.


Naperville, IL
reply to JamfSlayer

I have a Sprint Airave and it seems to work fine. Not that I don't have issues with UltraTV, but I don't think they're related to the Airave.

The frustrating thing with the Airave in general is that if you do have internet issues that require phone support to reboot the modem, you lose your Airave connection and thus your cell signal, thereby dropping the call. Good times. And with UltraTV, since the TV and internet are integrated in the same device, even general TV issues will require a reboot that interrupts your internet. So the issue becomes slightly worse.