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Electronic Box CEO
reply to BingoRingo

Re: ElectronicBox: Terrible billing, very bad customer services!

Here is our general policy regarding payments

1: We are a prepaid service provider so payment must be received (not merely sent) before your month of service begins. 2 Notices would have already been sent at this level.

2: If payment still fail to be received on time we suspend the account and kick the user out of the network + send an email advising they have one week for us the receive the payment or enter in contact with us otherwise we send a disconnection request to our upstream provider. Starting this month we will have a dialer calling clients advising of the situation.

3: If payment is still not received on the 7 (one week after the first of the month) the account is being disconnected and reconnection fees applies (usually our cost price to reconnect).

Keep in mind the payment must be sent in advance and not merely sent on the last day of the month. Banks have a transit delay of 1 to 3 days. Our notice are also written with words that explain not to send it last minute.
Electronic Box Inc. - Jean-Philippe Béïque