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Madera, CA
reply to NetFixer

Re: [Connectivity] What type of Coaxial Cable am I using?

said by NetFixer:

said by Madtown:

I went to look at the coaxial cable running from my cable jack in my Kitchen to the Modem and I also went outside to look at the cable running from the tap (is that the proper name?) to the outside wall of my apt, and I was wondering what type of coaxial cable am I using? There's nothing on the cable stating what type it is. How would I go about finding out what type of Coaxial cable I'm using?

Are you saying that there are no markings at all on the body of the cable, or just that there are no markings that you understand?

No markings whatsoever

If there are some mysterious markings, either look them using your favorite search engine, or post the information here.

If the cable was installed by a Comcast tech, most likely it is RG6, but until you can provide some more information, nobody is going to be able to do anything but offer you a wild guess.

It was done by a Comcast tech.