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Mountain View, CA
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Re: How do you improve network speeds?

Please do not use 40MHz with 802.11n if using 2.4GHz and there are a substantial number of APs around you actively using channels within the frequency range you plan to use. Doing so may induce interference/increase unreliability for people around you. If unsure, please use 20MHz!

Reference material for my opinion/statement is here (read, do not skim): » ··· z-part-1

Here's a visual diagram showing exactly what you end up doing with 40MHz: » ··· N-en.svg

If there are no surrounding APs using those frequency ranges, sure, 40MHz would be fine to use. But chances are (in this day and age) that's not the case.

Bottom line: if you care about speed, use a wired connection. No debate or arguments please. 802.11 -- all revisions -- is quite a disgusting mess.
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Your points are valid, but do not address the OP's question. I run wires for everything where practical, but accept that not everyone has that luxury.

40MHz usage may make you a bad neighbor in an apartment, but where the OP lives lot sizes are large. Output power can usually be turned down as well to mitigate interference.

A blanket "do not use" warning is not indicated, I think.