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Scarborough, ON
reply to wysiwyg1972

Re: Ultimate - Stuck on 75/2 (new Subscriber)

said by wysiwyg1972:

Signed up on Wednesday to their Ultimate package which is 150/10. This is to replace my Bell 25/7. I need the fast uploads for my Slingbox hosting..

Anyhow, my speeds seem to be stuck at the 75/2 profile. Rebooted the modem many times and tech Support has been no help so far. Today their systems are down :-(

I need this resolved within the next few days otherwise my evaluation period will pass and I will be stuck with the contract. Who's best to check the profile? Tech Support or Customer Service? I'd also need them to put my gateway in bridge mode since the Hytron doesn't allow me to adjust MTU setting...

Evaluation period with Rogers is 30 days. If you signed up on Wed, you're still safe. It looks like the sales rep put in the wrong product code when he/she setup your order. Customer service is open until 2am EST, so their systems should be up by then.