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Richmond, VA
reply to RazzyW8

Re: [WIN8] Some Observations about Windows 8

Yes, very nice. I was wondering if there would be a way to modify that menu.

Carpentersville, IL
reply to Mele20
Holy cow batman! That's a lot of icons!

I know personally, I would go nuts if I had that many icons on my desktop at any one time. I did try to see what it was like, and I copied a bunch of jpg files to my desktop...at my resolution, I was able to get 22 across and 10 down, which is LESS then what you have going down. Not to mention the number of items in your system tray...is every one of those icons a running program that starts when your computer boots up?

The other thing that I have noticed is that, like a lot of us who post here, you have been running Windows for a very long time. We all have programs that we have run over the years that we all like, and wish there was a way for them to run forever on every future version of Windows.

But, I think the reality is, programs do have a life span, and at some point, you have to let those old programs die. All of us on this forum probably can name quite a number of applications going back to Windows 95 that they loved to use, and wish they could still use today.

I'm not saying you need to abandon all past applications and be "forced" to change with the times...that's not it at all. However, I think there is a choice that you need to make here. Are those programs that important to you that if they are not supported or work the same way in the next version of Windows, that it will force you to not upgrade? If not, what options are out there that give you the functionally of that existing application so you can upgrade your OS?

Finally, I think you do need to take a step back from all the modifications you make to try to "fit" the OS to be the way you want it to be. As an example of what I'm talking about, you probably saw that very long post that I made in this thread showing the 67 steps that I went though when I installed Windows 8. I had a similar list for when I installed Windows XP, and do you know it was 3 TIMES as long as that list. Why was it so long? Well, prior to running Windows XP, I used Windows 2000. I loved Windows 2000 so much that I did everything I could to try to make XP be Windows 2000. When Windows 7 came out, I wanted to do the same thing. But, I did not. Instead, I came up with a new approach. Run things as close to default as possible. Before I go in and try to change this that and the other thing, I felt I needed to run it the way it was designed, and see if I liked it. How would I know if it was good or not if the very first thing I did was modify the heck out of it?

I did the same with Windows 8. At first, I wanted to go figure out how to make all the exact same changes in Windows 8 that I had made in Windows 7. But then I stopped myself, and remembered what I did when I first installed Windows 7. Run as default.

I'm not saying no one should be allowed to modify settings or customize the OS to fit their needs. If that was the case, the options to change things would never have been coded in the first place. That is what makes Windows so great, you can customize it as much as you can.

But, I think the bottom line here is this. There is a "happy place" somewhere in the middle between "No changes" and "I want to make Windows 8 look and run like Windows XP". Each person is different, but I think if you are able to find that happy medium in the middle somewhere, then you may have a better experience with whatever version of the OS Microsoft comes out with next.

--Brian Plencner

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Hilo, HI
reply to Kramer
said by Kramer:

said by Mele20:

The problem with the icons on the desktop on Win 8 is that they are GIGANTIC and will quickly cover the desktop area. and They cannot be made smaller, that I can find...just as I can't make the systray icons tiny or closer together they sprawl completely across the taskbar...

Are you talking about the Desktop or the Metro Tiles? To change the icon sizes on the desktop simply click one and roll the mouse wheel while holding the control key. You pretty much have an infinite size range there. As far as the Systray icons, why not just hide the ones you don't need?

Yes, thanks. Using the mouse scroll wheel does make the desktop icons small like I want. I forgot that as I have had them small for so long and not changed the size that I had forgotten you can do that.

As for the Metro tiles I just right clicked on them and got rid of most of them. Much better. I am really glad to have the animated ones gone.
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Aptos, CA
said by Mele20:

I am really glad to have the animated ones gone.

You can turn off the live update of ANY live tile
»www.howtogeek.com/115913/beginne ··· ndows-8/
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Naperville, IL
Giving away answers to those dastardly MS secrets I see. For shame!

Hilo, HI
reply to JohnInSJ
I hadn't read that at howtogeek.com but that is a great site for help with Win 8. I've used a lot of their tips already.
When governments fear people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. Thomas Jefferson