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Re: [QC] New Cell Phone - Galaxy SIII vs iPhone 5 ?

Sure every manufacture has issues but why would i care what google says. I am sure if you google htc one s problems you will see some but not as many but you cant rule out the fact that they dont sell as much htc one s when compares to iphone 5. Also in general when people have problems with something they post on internet, but people who got no issue will not come out say so on the internet. I personally have had iphone 3g, 3gs, and now 5 and they all work the way they supposed to be. Like i said, let op tries both phones and he can decide. Your negative experience and my positive experience wont guarantee anything about the iphone he get if he chooses to get one


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Lumia 920 2nd'ed no need to explain

Prince George, BC
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said by rustydusty:

Put an otterbox on a note 1/2 and you will see large. It's like a brick, and the weight is damn near the same to. Great phone, though!

FYI... most people don't know that there are different versions of otter boxes.
The most popular are the commuter and defender series.
The commuter (perfect for most people) is more slim lined while the defender is more of a brick (perfect for contractors etc)
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Burnaby, BC
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The reason I suggested Lumia 920 is because you've had the 3GS until now. I feel you can be happy with this phone right out of the box just as long if not longer and it looks great.

It's my first Windows phone of any iteration device and I'm quite pleased with their efforts.
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reply to Delerium36
First of, thanks alot for all your answer. Very interesting reading!

I'll think I'll go with the S3 since it cost a big 0$ (3 years contract) while the Iphone 5 15gb is 79$. Just a matter of cost.

Also thanks for the other suggestion!

Best regards