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Red Deer, AB
reply to Delerium36

Re: [QC] New Cell Phone - Galaxy SIII vs iPhone 5 ?

I have both the S3 (personal) and the Iphone5(work) and have gone through every Iphone and every single one I've had the same issues off the obvious drop calls, 3G/4G completely turning off. I've had the 3G3, 4 and now the 5 and they've all be a steaming turd. Before my S3 I have the Desire HD and it worked wonderfully. Finally after 2 years of abuse it started having issues, so I got the S3. My first S3 had issues with Wifi and battery, returned it second day and got a second S3. Since the replacement, not a single issue to report. Battery will last a good 12 hours of heavy use of email, phone, web, youtube, etc.

In my real life experience I will never buy an Iphone for personal use. Work keeps purchasing them for me, and I keep loosing calls. I find myself almost throwing it out the window on the highway on a regular basis. Every phone is bound to have bad ones, however in my personal experience and opinion, the Iphones seem to have more lemons than the Android devices.

Take it for what it is, cheers.