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Scarborough, ON
reply to wysiwyg1972

Re: Ultimate - Stuck on 75/2 (new Subscriber)

said by wysiwyg1972:

My package is indeed ultimate as it shows this on "my Rogers". I was transferred to customer service but they were down as well.. I will have to try them today.

Thanks all!

Both the 75/2 and 150/10 are branded as ultimate from a customer perspective.


said by yyzlhr:

Both the 75/2 and 150/10 are branded as ultimate from a customer perspective.

IIRC, it's not the first time that the account profiles are not setup correctly!

Note that there are 2 main speed limits that a cable modem connection has:

- the speed limit imposed by the physical cable connection (ie. line quality).

- the speed limit capped by the DOCSIS config file. Note that by replacing this config file you can uncap the modem and get full speed of the cable internet connection. (Don't try this at home!)

In the old days, I used to use the open source DOCSIS ( »docsis.sf.net ) tool to download and view the config file. I have not tried it again with newer modems - yet there are many tools on the net that you can use to download the DOCSIS config file.

I think one can still pull the DOCSIS config file easily from Rogers' TFTP server, but I haven't tried this for many years as these days I work on other stuff and thus I pay much less attention to the network layer.

And FYI: »www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/net_mgm···p_6.html


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Toronto, ON
You can't uncap cable modems ever since BPI+. Rogers probably invested more resources in network security than any other North American MSO. Not so many years ago, it was possible to find uncapped cable modems, along with bootleg DVDs and other counterfeit merchandise sold in broad daylight at Pacific Mall in Toronto. A lot of these operations got busted, and rightly so. They (along with vendors, CableLabs etc) regularly have people browsing sbhacker and other "experimental" forums to look for the latest hack so they can be the first to patch it. The most you can do these days is clone a modem of another user, on another headend, subscribed to a different service. The usage is still logged though, and if you go over the cap, they pay... if they did not consent to the extra usage charges, and its reported, his MAC will be taken off the network.
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