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Matthews, NC
·Time Warner Cable
reply to batsona

Re: [WIN7] 0x80070035 - Network Path Not Found...

I don't know if this helps or not, but make sure that you have "Password Protected Sharing" turned off on both machines and remember that there is a Home profile and a Public profile so there are four places to check.

Also, check your services on the machine that is not cooperating and see if the "Homegroup Listener" service is running and whether you can start it. If not, check to see if Windows Firewall service is running and, if not, enable it AND start it before you try to fix Homegroup Listener. MS does not list this as a dependency in the services dialog but Homegroup Listener will not start for me unless WFW is running.

Now, does anybody know why I can share a folder on my computer with another homegroup member, but not share a folder on an external drive attached to my computer? I have a big external HDD that I use for taking backups that is USB attached and while I can share it, when the remote computer tries to read or write to that drive it gets prompted for credentials (user and PW) but we don't have such credentials on these computers (just my wife and I inside our house so no security issue). She can image her drive to my main "C:" disk with Acronis True Image, but she can't image to the external USB. Why does it matter if the target disk is internal to my computer and connected via the motherboard bus versus USB attached?


Ellicott City, MD
·Verizon FiOS
I just built a new w7 system at home, and replicated the problem, and can fix it, but the 'fix' doesn't work on my work laptop. I can map drives just fine with "TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper" service enabled. When I disabled it (I've always been taught that it's a security hazzard), I got the Network Path Not Found error. WinXP can map drives without that running, but it looks like w7 cannot.

Re-starting the service allows me to map drives again. I put the interface into "Work", and made sure file/print sharing was enabled in that group.

BUT: I tried the same fix to my work laptop, and still got network Path Not Found. I'll keep looking.