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London, ON

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Re: Big loser!

said by FaxCap:

said by A Lurker:

Sounds like he's struggling with regaining the weight and now taking (and flogging) the drops.

I saw him last Sunday....he sang the anthem at the Lions game.
He looked even slimmer than the picture.

Too dangerous for my liking. I know two ladies who spent the money
on the Dr. Bernstein diet. Lost 40lb for one of them and 55lbs for the
other. Both have put it all back on plus more.


that is often the "problem" with diets...maintaining a healthy weight isn't a 2 or 3 month plan, it is a lifestyle change.

so it is great they took the weight off, but if after they are done their "diet" they go back to all the things that made them overweight in the first place, it is all for naught.
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Kingston, ON
Your absolutely right. These fad diets don't teach proper eating habits needed to maintain weight loss.

I have lost 30lbs since Sept. when I started seeing specialists at the Bariatric clinic in the Hotel Dieu Hospital. I have lost this by writing down everything I eat, preparing and eating healthy foods, reading labels for both fat and sugars (Diabetes Type 2 on medication), watching portions and increasing water intake. I may have the bariatric surgery, but am scared of it.

There is a new government program that may start in January for people who don't qualify for the surgery, or are like me, just scared. You are assessed for being on the shakes that are used for 4 weeks before the surgery. You are assessed for either 6 weeks or 12 weeks to be on the shakes. The program runs 26 weeks with classes and homework, etc. After the shakes you are reintroduced to food at safe levels. It's reintroducing you to eating the healthy way. This is under the guidance of doctors and nurses at the hospital. My Nurse Practitioner and my Dietitian both feel I am a very good candidate for this program.

How I got to this in the first place is too complicated, but my Dietitian did say that leaving my work (bad conditions) was the best thing I could have done to start healing. She told me a lot of people put work before their health and in the end their health loses, just like me.
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A Lurker
that's Ms Lurker btw
Wellington N
said by Jackorama:

I may have the bariatric surgery, but am scared of it.

Please make this your last resort. It's not the solution if you can find anything else that works for you. Talk to your health professionals (see if you can get into program) and do what you can to avoid it.

PM me if you want, but seriously try to avoid surgery.


(I know, I'm linking to glamour, but it was the most balanced article I could find quickly.)