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Naperville, IL

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reply to Swede001

Re: Should I subscribe to Ultra?

UltraTV has been nothing but a pain for us. The router is junk and phone support seems to have an awful time getting it working when stuff goes out. A while back we had some general service issues in the area, and our UltraTV could never fully re-establish a signal. WOW had to send someone out to do something that is typically done over the phone. We're in the process of going through this again as we speak...WOW's billing debacle resulted in our service being cut, and now they cannot re-initiate remotely because of this freakin' box and want to send a guy out on Monday. All this after sitting on the phone for a full hour just to get a human being. We're on the verge of cancelling entirely. I'm disgusted with both the device and their service.

Other issues with UltraTV: the interface is slow and, while it's very pretty, the layout is wonky and counter-intuitive. The remote itself doesn't do much to positively add to the experience.

Did I mention that the router is junk? The router is junk. I could possibly forgive a lot of the above if the router wasn't among the worst I've ever dealt with. We have to use a range extender just to broadcast the signal throughout our not-very-big house (which introduces just another thing to troubleshoot). My old $50-something Netgear router could project a strong signal throughout. Normally I'd just plug it into the UltraTV box, but since the built-in router doesn't support bridging and cannot be otherwise circumvented, this is unsupported by WOW and introduces all kinds of odd network behavior. On top of this, the router's admin interface for it is a mess with head-scratchingly non-industry standard terminology in places (good luck finding "port forwarding" for example...it's there, but it's not called that).

Being able to record and watch in multiple rooms is great, but everything else about it is rather irritating. It's worth trying at least............UNLESS your household includes big internet users, in which case stay far, far away. FAR away. You have been warned.



I use my personal router with the ultra with no issues. You can go into their box and turn off the wifi router. Then just connect your home router to their box. Been running that way for 4 months. Much better experience.


Cleveland, OH

As I stated in another thread, a simple $20 repeater allows me to use the Ultra gateway router as my DHCP server and still have whole house HD video streaming capabilities. This is just another easy alternative setup that you may consider.